(WFLA) — A family in Escambia County said they had an emotional connection to a black bear that was spotted running near the shoreline of Pensacola beach earlier in June.

According to a report from WPLG, Brooke Burgess Olive was relaxing on Pensacola Beach when she spotted the bear running across the sand. Olive quickly grabbed her phone and began recording.

Other family members heard the commotion and rushed outside to see the unusual sight for themselves.

“Really the greatest part of the story hasn’t been told,” Olive said to News Channel 8 — until now.

“We lost my grandfather a few weeks before this and really encouraged my grandmother to come to the beach with us,” Olive said. “She wasn’t sure about coming down.”

Olive said her grandmother had not visited the beach in over a decade.

“She is an avid bear watcher,” Olive added. “She loves watching the bears in Alaska on live stream every day. She got to see one in person AT THE BEACH of all places.”

Olive said, “my children told her ‘Dada’ sent the bear to her.”

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