BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – A local couple got the surprise of a lifetime last year when they found out they were pregnant with triplets.

Yesterday, mom gave birth to three baby boys. This is a rare occurrence.

“I don’t want to do this ever again,” parents and residents Ronnie and Ebilene Birge said agreeing with one another.

The Birge family are now proud parents of five children. Their oldest is two girls ages four and six.

“We were like no we’re not done,” Ebilene said. “Let’s try for a boy. And then, we got three perfect little boys.”

The couple was quite surprised when they found out they were pregnant.

“As soon as the doppler hit my belly I saw two sacks right off the bat,” Ebilene said. “And I was already hysterical. And then she says, ‘well you have to wait, I have to look at the rest of your uterus.’ I said, for what? because there are two right there, and she did and she rolled about a quarter of an inch and she saw the third one. Then I just lost it.”

Because Ronnie was out of town, Ebilene had to break the news to him over a Facetime call.

“It was definitely a surprise, especially since we both agreed that three kids are it,” Ronnie said. “Now, three at a time.”

“It’s rare to have naturally occurring triplets, it’s about one in every 10,000 pregnancies,” Neonatal ICU Medical Director Dr. Antonio Pena said. 

This is the second occurrence in just two years. At 33 weeks, on Thursday, Ebilene delivered the triplets.

“The largest one is Archibald, we call him Archie. The second biggest is Elijah, and we call him Eli. And then we have Thomas, and we call him Tommy.”

The babies and mom are still in the hospital but are doing well.

The triplets will stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit until they can maintain a constant body temperature, eat by mouth, and be in an open crib.

Congratulations to the Birge family!

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