MELBOURNE, Fla. (WESH) — Though the nearest NFL team is over a hundred miles away, a small factory tucked along the Indian River in Melbourne has had a hand in which Super Bowl team kicks off or receives since 1994.

Sunday will be the 28th official NFL super bowl flip-toss coin made by Highland Mint.

“This is the only coin that’s allowed to have the trophy on it, the Vince Lombardi trophy.” 

“Sometimes you have to pinch yourself,” said Vincent Bohbot of The Highland Mint. “We have a hand in the biggest sporting event of the year – and the game does not start without us.”

This playoff season — the road to the Super Bowl — coin tosses played an even bigger role than usual.

“The playoff games, most of them were decided by the coin toss. For us it’s really special because they used our coin start the game and to decide who was going to win in overtime,” Bohbot said.

Now, the focus is on the Super Bowl 56 coin. The referees will decide which face is heads and which will be tails.

In total, 10,000 flip-toss coins will be minted here. But the 100 important ones have already been sent to the NFL for the big game.

Each of the coins is stamped. The one bearing the number “1″ will be flipped on Sunday night at the start of the game. Those not sent to the NFL will go up for sale.

“We definitely fly under the radar, in this area,” Bohbot said. “Yeah, it’s something neat for the community to say the coin for the coin toss is made right here in our town.”

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