TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Naples man was arrested after he allegedly attacked a restaurant employee Wednesday.

According to a report from WBBH, Michael Reilly, 70, faces battery charges after a witness told police he punched a worker in the mouth after asking why the restaurant’s service was slow. The report said Reilly went to the bathroom after an argument broke out. When he returned he allegedly said, “Where is that f*** face?”

In response, the employee told Reilly to leave the restaurant when he allegedly yelled, pushed the employee against a wall, and punched him in the mouth, the report added.

WBBH said nearby workers separated the two before Reilly admitted to punching the man in the face. The report said Reilly was tired of him “running his mouth.”

The victim was left with a swollen upper lip, police said.

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