TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — As continues to fight to overcome the pandemic and some scientists say it may be finally coming to an end, many United States institutions are facing challenges to meet deadlines for their work.

One example is the Internal Revenue Service, who anticipate delays in the current tax season which could potentially affect millions of families. Vicky Obando, a Family Advocate at the Hispanic Outreach Center, confirmed it. Her organization is part of the United Way Suncoast Voluntary Tax Assistance Program.

“Obviously there is a need for cash, but there is also a need to recover what they have contributed during the past year to be able to pay for housing, food,” Obando said. “There is a lot of need out there. “We understand that it will take a little longer. There is more review, there is much more documentation that must be attached.”

According to the authorities, the delays are due to declarations from last year that are still being processed, a reduction in personnel due to the Pandemic and the estimation of a greater number of people ready to declare this season. Eliana Aular is one of the Hispanic mothers in Tampa Bay who are counting on the timely return of tax refund.

Eliana Aular, Hispanic Mother

“Definitely, in my particular case, it is a very important help this year,” Aular said. “Mainly because I am pregnant and I am counting on this return to make the purchases that I need when the baby arrives.”

“Things have gone up, there is less money in the pocket, there is less money that can be spent for families,” Obando said. She went further, saying the expectation of return is higher due to factors like inflation. She recommends the community works on filing their taxes as soon as possible.

“A very important factor is being able to file the taxes on time to have this flexibility for the IRS to be able to do all this tax stuff,” Obando said.

The United Way Suncoast team told us they are located in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties to assist the community, free of charge, with tax preparation.

If you want to make an appointment to prepare your taxes under the United Way Suncoast Volunteer Tax Assistance Program, go online, or call 833-897-84-82 (833-UWS-VITA).

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