LOS ANGELES (WFLA) — Singer Chris Brown was sued for $20 million after being accused of drugging and raping a woman in Miami back in 2020, according a lawsuit. NBC News reported that the lawsuit was filed by a choreographer and musician identified as “Jane Doe” in Los Angeles County.

The lawsuit accused Brown of assaulting the woman in December 2020 after Brown told her that he had heard her music and asked her to visit rapper Sean Combs’ home on Star Island.

After arriving at Combs’ house, she then went on a yacht docked on the estate, although it is not known who owned the boat.

The lawsuit said the woman was given two drinks while she and Brown discussed her music career. After the second drink, the woman allegedly began feeling strange.

“Plaintiff Jane Doe felt disoriented, physically unstable, and started to fall in and out of sleep,” the suit alleges. “Defendant Chris Brown then led a drugged, half-sleep Plaintiff Jane Doe down a corridor and into a bedroom.”

According to the lawsuit, Brown was accused of leading the impaired woman to a bedroom, where he allegedly assaulted her, ignoring her when she mumbled for him to stop. The lawsuit said after the alleged assault, the woman got help from a friend to leave Combs’ home.

The victim also alleged that Brown continued to contact her afterward, even telling her to take a pill to keep from getting pregnant, which she took.

The lawsuit said afterward, she went to Brown’s house twice in January and August. During the August visit, Brown was accused of becoming “loud and irate” when the alleged victim refused to go to his bedroom.

NBC said the woman is suing for $20 million for sexual battery and rape, false imprisonment, and violation of a gender violence.

According to the network, the victim is being represented by George Vrabeck and Ariel Mitchell, the attorneys who are representing Jauhara Jeffries in an assault case against Trey Songz.

Brown addressed the allegations on Instagram, saying “

“I HOPE YALL SEE THIS PATTERN OF [cap] whenever im releasing music or projects,” he said.

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