ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — December 6 marks two years since a deadly mass shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Three sailors were killed, including one who went to high school in the Tampa Bay area.

Evelyn Brady says her son, 19-year-old Mohammed Haitham was full of life, and was on the right path. She says not a day goes by where she doesn’t think about him. Two years later, and she doesn’t want anyone to forget about him either.

Haitham was one of three sailors whose life was cut short during the 2019 terrorist attack at NAS Pensacola. Officials say a Saudi Arabian military officer working on base started shooting on Dec. 6, before deputies ultimately killed him.

Haitham died 10 days before his 20th birthday.

“He was an angel, God sent me an angel for the time I had with him,” Brady said. “I look for those phone calls, I still look for the visits.”

Brady says her son, “Mo” was a go-getter. He was a track star at Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, he was funny and had an amazing smile. She had three boys, and Mo was her middle child.

“He made me proud, I’m a proud mother,” Brady said.

Haitham followed in his mother’s footsteps by joining the Navy. Brady retired from the Navy in 2009.

His cousin, Ashley Williams says Mo never gave up. That’s why she wears the shirt with the words “Mo power” on it.

“Anytime I come across a bump in the road or I feel like giving up I think of him,” Williams said. “I think Mo power is really saying more power, but Mo power means keep going.”

Two years have passed, but the pain hasn’t gone away. Brady can only hold on to the memories.

“Mohammed was a blessing to me,” Brady said.

Brady says the FBI has told her this is still an ongoing investigating.

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