BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) — A Florida family who gained national attention for saying a school district had forced a mask onto their daughter is now being investigated fully.

Ocean Breeze Elementary school in Indian Harbor again became the focal point of the controversy over students and face masks.

Sofia Bezeera, 7, has Down syndrome and on Oct. 12, her stepfather and mother filed a report that a teacher and educational helper forcefully tied a mask to her face with nylon rope.

They say that because she has a swollen tongue and other physical conditions, a mask exemption was filed.

Brevard County School Board has been at odds with the governor and his supporters over student mask mandates. But school officials tell us no medical mask exemption was ever requested for Sofia.

With the deep political divisions surrounding mask enforcement, the story quickly garnered national attention and was a topic of discussion on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

The Indian Harbor Police detective on the case concluded, “there is insufficient evidence to support a criminal violation.”

“It’s really unfortunate that this became a very political situation and really overshadowed the health and well-being of one of our students. The reality is that the facts have come out very different than what was originally portrayed,” Chair of Brevard County School Board, Misty Belford said.

“I think the report is accurate. They found no evidence from the school district that she was abused. Well shockingly, I’m not surprised that Brevard County Schools is covering it up,” said Republican State Rep. Randy Fine and vocal critic of the Brevard School Board.

The school board denied the claim of a coverup.

According to the family’s attorney, the family will be filing a civil lawsuit for damages this week in federal court.

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