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High pressure has moved on and a cold front slowly build in throughout our Sunday. Will start off this morning with temperatures dropping through the upper 40s and lower 50s. Winds will mainly be out of the northeast at 3 mph or less however, some areas will have winds of 5 to 10 mph which will allow for a slight windchill of 5 to 10° below the actual air temperature. Overall, this morning is a sweater weather situation for Tampa Bay.

Mainly clear skies will start us off slowly building in though partly cloudy conditions by lunchtime and once we hit the latter part of the afternoon and early evening mainly cloudy conditions will be common. This is due to the approach of a cold front tracking out from the Southeast. Model data shows that middle and upper levels are reasonably dry and stable which will allow the breakdown of this cold front tonight through the area. This means rain chances will be lacking throughout this afternoon and even through the overnight. The greatest chances for wet weather will be through late night into early Monday morning but even so, those chances looked a peek at less than 30%.

As we wake up Monday morning the front will have moved further south near Miami and the Florida Keys. Some roadways may be damp or slick from the nights potential light shower activity but overall, umbrellas will not be warranted. By late morning Monday, high pressure will take over and mainly sunny conditions will last through the rest of the day. Daytime highs will also increase to the low and mid 70s.

A stable pattern through much of the work week will linger. Mainly sunny to partly cloudy skies will be common with a slow rise in temperature back to seasonal upper 70s by Thursday. Our next approaching front will roll in by the end of next weekend with a small threat for wet weather at this time.

Marine forecast for today (Sunday) is decent but chilly. Winds expected from the northeast at 5 to10 knots. Seas will be 1 to 2 feet or less with bay and inland waterways at a light chop. Cloudy skies will be common with 40% rain chances off shore. Gulf temperature around 67 degrees.

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