SIESTA KEY, Fla. (WFLA) — The public will get a chance to share their thoughts on the future of big hotels on Siesta Key.

A proposed resolution is dividing developers and people who live in the area.

Currently, Siesta Key hotels are limited to a height of 35 feet. The proposal has hotels rising up to 80 feet.

Four hotels are being proposed for the island, two of which would have buildings above the current height and density restrictions. Many residents say they’re not opposed to new hotels on the island, but want those projects to follow the current zoning laws.

The resolution would allow the buildings to be as high as 80 feet, increasing capacity limits. But higher hotels and hundreds of room is not what some people want. There is a steady movement of people on Siesta Key who are working to stop the island from looking like other touristy parts of the Gulf Coast.

“We have a choice right now, how we want to make this be. Do you want to look like every other cookie cutter high density hotel place in Florida? Or at the Atlantic coast? I don’t. I don’t think most people here want that,” said Catherine Luckner, a Siesta Key Coalition board member.

“There is a good development and there is bad development. I am pro redevelopment versus taking virgin land acres and developing it into a hotel when it is not needed,” said Michael Holderness, owner of Beachside Management.

The Sarasota County Commission is meeting at 9 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the resolution, and the public will get a chance to share their thoughts.

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