OCALA, Fla. (WESH) — It was a close call for three kittens.

A trio of felines had been dumped into a trash compactor in Ocala. Workers were about to flatten the trash when they heard meows.

Each kitten was barely six months old.

Amy Shows of Star Rescue was stopping by to recycle and stepped in to help.

“A friend helped me get them out. We brought them home and I had to do fluids, had to get them cooled down. They were panting, malnourished. It will take some time to get them back,” Shows said. “They seem lively now that the fluids have hit. Now they’re up and moving around.”

Shows said the kittens were also given medication to get rid of fleas. The kittens will go to a foster home and once they’re in good health they’ll be up for adoption.

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