ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Chanting “Libertad de Cuba” and singing, dozens of protesters lined 34th Street North in St. Petersburg at the intersection of 30th Avenue.

Lissette Cepero organized the event and says the Cuban people have been waiting for change for decades.

“The military is abusing people in the streets, they are killing people, they are doing whatever they have to do in their power to show who is in power. Who is in control,” Cepero believes that with the world watching the events unfolding, change could be on the way.

“We want to say stop. Stop doing what it is. The world, the entire world is watching you,” said Cepero. “Even though you cut internet, Even though you do all of that, the world has been witnessing what you have been doing and you have to pay for that. “

Cepero was only expecting about two dozen protesters to show up, but the number grew to more than fifty as the evening progressed. Many passers-by didn’t know about the gathering and stopped to be a part of it.

Jean Lopez, a barber at the Cuban Barber Shop believes the U.S. government should intervene.

Most demonstrators believe the U.S. Government should take an active role in a change in regime. Jean Lopez is a barber at the nearby Cuban Barber Shop.

“They need to American people intervention in Cuba because they are killing everybody,” said Lopez. “And the people, the Cuban people don’t have arms (guns) to fight with the army in Cuba.”

Aida Sanchez agrees. “We need help because people are getting killed for nothing. Just for asking for a new government to protect the people,” said Sanchez. “That is the reason we are here. “

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