It is not uncommon for a project to succeed and separate from the company to operate independently. Especially in exciting markets like Forex. In recent years, many projects have hit the market and grown beyond expectations, so they need a stronger team and platform to meet their growth rate. And IC Trade is one of those cases. So after 3 months have passed, how does IC Trade work when separated from the parent company.

IC Trade Exchange

First, IC trade was introduced to the market as a financial trading floor of International Capital Trade Pty.Ltd. IC Trade works on the principle of applying Blockchain technology, allowing investors to trade and make profits by forecasting the exchange rate of an asset in a certain period.

Based on a solid foundation from the famous parent company in Australia, IC trade quickly gained the attraction of investors and traders in the country of kangaroos and around the world. However, through active operation, IC Trade gradually proved its position in the market thanks to the outstanding features that the system possesses. The highlights of IC trade that are highly appreciated by the trader community can be mentioned as the optimal technology that ensures transparency, high security and extremely fast liquidity. At the same time, the possibility of unlimited profits is the reason why many traders become loyal members of this system.

Established International IC Defi Technologies Company

In a period of strong growth, International Capital Trade Pty.Ltd announced that IC Trade will not be under the direct management of the group from the first quarter of this year (March 2, 2021). Instead IC Trade will become the sole and key project of International IC Defi Technologies Company, a subsidiary of International Capital Trade Pty.Ltd at this time.

According to the representative of the corporation, there are 3 main reasons to decide the birth of International IC Defi Technologies in the present time.

First, developers want to build a unit that can focus 100% of their resources on developing the IC Trade exchange. If the parent company has too many projects to research and pursue, International IC Defi Technologies can manage and develop IC Trade with its whole team. IC trade will be operated by its team of experts in this field and at the same time expanded to the market by a market development team and abundant capital.

The second reason why developers decided to let International IC Defi Technologies run IC Trade is that they want to change their development strategies to be more appropriate in 2021. In the past two years, the covid19 pandemic has devastated and changed. change the structure of the economy in general and the financial investment market of cryptocurrencies in particular. Therefore, in order to catch up with the new development trend to continue in the leading position, and enjoy the advantages of the pioneer, IC Trade needs to have innovations. And the first innovation is from the strategic direction in the next period. Former executives believe that a change in management thinking will breathe new life into IC Trade and take them further in this market.

Finally, IC Trade operating independently from the parent company will enhance competitiveness in the industry. Without the solid backing from International Capital Trade, forcing IC Trade at all costs to fill its hole and accelerate growth. Faced with pressures from the market and parent company, IC Trade has plans to improve competitiveness in terms of technology, partners, markets, etc. It depends on the strategy of International IC Defi Technologies.

How is the IC Trade system after 3 months of independent operation?

After 3 months of separation from the parent company, it can be seen that IC trade had a period of slowing down on the ranking of trading systems on the market. However, as judged by the market, that is only a springboard for IC Trade to accelerate at the moment.

In just a short time, IC Trade grew in both sales and market size. IC Trade’s popularity has increased significantly in the Middle East and developing countries in Southeast Asia. The number of traders has increased dramatically in the past two months, resulting in an unprecedented trading volume.

Facing the change in structure and development speed of IC trade in recent times, traders have shown more interest and interest in this platform. Despite raising questions about the future of IC Trade, many regional traders and experts and project reviewers have high expectations for IC Trade’s breakthrough in the near future under the supervision of investors. Executive of International IC Defi Technologies.

The proof of trust in the IC Trade platform is that when International IC Defi Technologies officially announced the information to find a market development partner, many individuals and organizations in the crypto industry immediately accompanied and cooperated with IC Trade achieved the above successes. Currently, IC Trade still maintains a double commission policy for partners who build the participant system. At the same time, a number of new preferential policies are also about to be launched to attract more direct partners in many key economic regions.

IC Trade once again shows that the separation from the parent company is the clearest evidence for the development of a project. Similar to a reptile that sheds its old skin to grow, IC Trade will also promise to bring big hits to the market and competitors in the last 2 quarters of this year.

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